Dissolution Of Marriage 
When spouses agree that their marriage can no longer continue and can agree on the terms for property division, spousal support, child support, allocation of parental rights (custody and visitation) and related issues, they may consider getting dissolution rather than a divorce. Coleridge Law has assisted many clients in pursuing dissolutions of marriage.

A Dissolution of Marriage is Ohio’s form of no-fault divorce and, unlike divorce proceedings, does not require that either spouse be at fault for the downfall of the marriage. Dissolution is much faster and less stressful than divorce because the spouses must agree on everything.

In order to file for dissolution with the court, you and your spouse must be in total agreement as to:

  • Your children: their custody, support, visi­tation, medical care, tax exemptions and credits and life insurance designee;
  • Your property: both real estate and personal goods such as motor vehicles, bank accounts, household goods and furnishings, stocks/bonds, pensions/retirement/profit sharing plans, recreational equipment, everything you have earned or purchased during the marriage;
  • Your debts: who pays what, when, and in what amounts; and
  • Spousal support: amount, frequency and method, both temporary and permanent.
When pursuing dissolution, it is best for each spouse to have an Ohio divorce attorney who can guide them through negotiations with the other spouse. Experienced attorneys understand which strategies for property division, support obligations, custody and visitation agreements work best and can skillfully represent your point of view and reasoning to the other spouse and his/her attorney when negotiations get difficult. Attorney Coleridge has extensive experience effectively negotiating these matters while helping clients maintain peaceful relationships with their former spouses. Contact Coleridge Law to schedule an initial consultation.