Ohio Drug Crime Defense 
A drug crime arrest can have devastating effects on your life. You could face a significant amount of time in prison and years of probation. A mistake many people make is that they speak with the police and the prosecutor’s office before discussing the charges with an attorney. Avoid this mistake by contacting Coleridge Law Firm, we will help make sure that you are aggressively represented, and that your rights are protected. Our firm has been helping people who are arrested for drug crimes in the Canton, Ohio, area for nearly since we opened our doors. Let us help you. We represent clients facing various drug charges including the following:
  • Possession of narcotics or drug paraphernalia
  • Distribution of illegal drugs
  • Drug trafficking
  • Manufacture or growth of illegal drugs
  • Large drug conspiracies including those charged as a federal crime
  • Drugs DUI/OVI
If you have been charged with a drug crime, it is very likely you will be facing a prison sentence if you are convicted. In addition to jail time, a conviction of a drug crime leads to a mandatory suspension of your driver’s license. And if you are not a United States citizen, a conviction for a drug crime can lead to your deportation. Our firm will work to prevent you from suffering these serious consequences by lodging Constitutional challenges to stops and searches. Once you have hired us, our office will immediately start working on your case to make sure that your rights are protected. We will work closely with detectives, FBI investigators, and ATF and DEA agents. Our knowledge of threshold amounts, testing equipment, proper police procedures, and Constitutional law can help you in your legal battle with the government.